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Thursday, July 25, 2024


We are a diversified services organization operating seven business units engaged in different industries. Our business units provide goods and services including Advertising Production & Marketing Promotion, Printing Paper Distribution, Process and Performance Improvement Consulting & Training, Wholesale Voice & Data Support Services, Project Management News & Information distribution, Project Management Books & Software, and Real-time Internet Surveys. We market our products and services through an integrated direct sales force, as well as an affiliate network of sales agents, consultants, and internet sites.

supplier of choice
Our Goal is to be the supplier of choice for each of the products or services that we sell. The success of our company is the result of the joint efforts of our employees, management, customers, vendors, and the lean processes we adopt in our daily operations. The one common thread in each of our diverse business units is the knowledge that we can outperform our competitors in the markets we choose to serve, while earning an above average return for our stakeholders over the long run. We conduct our business in markets which we feel are under-served, while earning a superior return by performing in a highly efficient manner. By driving our own performance management and efficiencies down to the bottom line, and through outstanding business partners with entrepreneurial spirit, we continue to earn better than average returns for our stakeholders in each of these markets.

Our Customers, Vendors, Employees are equally responsible for the successes we enjoy. Our business exists to serve our customers. Their needs give us our direction and purpose, and we demonstrate our commitment to them by our actions. Our company is 20 years old, and our average employee has been with us for over 15 years. We hire people who have a proven track record of outstanding success, and reward them appropriately for outstanding performance. Our Vendors bring us products, services and training that are critical to our success. They are carefully selected to ensure they can help us to attain peak performance. They keep us on the forward edge of technology in each of our industries, and make sure that our employees are experts in the products and services we represent. We are always open to new methods, and listen and learn from others. We continually strive to be faster, smarter and better.

We're here to serve you. Whether you are a potential customer, vendor or employee, learn more about our companies and what we can do for you by visiting our web sites or drop us a line. Thanks for stopping by.

Our People are our single greatest asset. We want our employees to share our core values of humility, integrity, and respect for others. We will compensate them based on their performance, and offer incentives for continuous improvement. We instill in our people an entrepreneurial spirit and "can do" attitude, which is reflected in our employees’ initiative and desire to successfully grow their business. The result is “principled entrepreneurship,” - doing well by doing the right things, without constant supervision. The people closest to the work are in the position to identify opportunities for success. New ideas and personal initiatives are fundamental to the growth of our business.

Employees at every level need to be involved and actively participate in the process of continuous improvement of deliverable services. We foster open communication, innovation, and flexibility so that improvements can be achieved in the shortest possible time. We support our employees&rsquo personal development, and provide incentives that recognize outstanding performance and accomplishments. We respect our employees and support their ideas to effect constructive change. Our success relies on motivating employees to be their personal best. We believe that large numbers of entrepreneurial-minded employees have a far better chance of succeeding than a few planners sitting in a boardroom. To coordinate the efforts of these entrepreneurs, we rely on our leaders to set clear goals and expectations, and be capable of coaching people to higher levels of performance than they would achieve on their own." 

Our Customers are the reason we come to work each day. Everything we do will be directed to support well-defined initiatives as they relate to the needs of our customers. We are customer focused, we understand our customer's business, we anticipate their future requirements, and actively participate, treating their business as if it were our own.

We will be innovators of customer service, thinking " outside the box" to create services that our clients and vendors will place great value on. We will offer highly customized services to address the needs of our clients, while developing the long-term relationships necessary to build mutual understanding and trust.

Customers can be internal or external, and both will be served in an equally responsive and efficient manner. Such service will help us maintain the loyalty and preference we seek from our customers. Through highly efficient performance, we will provide these valuable services to our customers at a competitive price, and show above average profits to our stakeholders.

Our Suppliers are carefully selected because we feel they offer the best quality products and services at competitive prices. We have chosen to affiliate with them because we believe they can benefit The Source Companies, our customers, employees and stakeholders.

We represent only best-of-breed products, chosen for their high quality and value. This ensures our internal and external customers have the reliability and support they need to be successful. Vendors must provide us with ongoing training, including advanced levels of certification which allows our team to continually enhance their expertise. We will develop a matrix of performance standards for each of the products and services we purchase. We will evaluate and measure our vendor's performance on a regular basis, and provide feedback to help them understand how to better serve our needs.

Our Business Plan requires that each individual operating company develop their own individual goals. They are formulated by a group consisting of their customers, vendors and key personnel, and are approved and supported by senior management. We believe that clearly defined expectations for performance, direction and common goals among these groups are lacking in many businesses today.

mission success
Our companies operate with a sense of a mission and purpose, created and agreed upon by everyone, internal or external to the company, who plays a role in their success or failure. Only through teamwork can we succeed in addressing crucial areas for service improvement, and provide the competitive advantages that make our companies successful. It is vitally important that we capture the synergy that comes from working together to solve problems and discover new and more effective ways of doing business. To be successful, our teamwork must extend beyond our own company and employees, to include our valued customers and suppliers.

Our Mission and philosophies are geared toward the financial success of our clients, vendors, employees and partners. We believe that success comes from fulfilling the needs of these diverse groups. One hundred percent (100%) satisfaction is our number one priority. We will anticipate the needs of each of these groups, and structure our efforts to support them now, and in the future. We will focus our efforts on both financial success and growth in asset value.

Our management philosophy will impart The Source Companies underlying business values, and will establish the guidelines for all of our activities. This philosophy forms a backbone of our strategies and decision-making, and represents a core set of principles that guide actions and thinking of everyone we come in contact with, every day.